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Open-source library. Win hackathons by using refined APIs and bootstrap code to build complete websites and apps in 24 hours.

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What is it?

Hacktoolkit is a collection of bootstrap code that you can use to start your next project, whether it’s a website or mobile app.

Why Hacktoolkit?

The best way to get better at programming is to write code yourself, and learn from well-written code by others.

Hackathons are typically 24-48 hour programming competitions where a lot of programming nerds and geeks get together and build a functioning product from scratch–well, the rules typically are that all of your code and designs have to be done during the hackathon, not before–but using open-source code is an exception.

We aim to provide a level playing field for all hackathon attendees so that everyone has access to commonly written code, so that they can focus on creating (designing, developing), rather than reinventing at 24-48 hour hackathons.

Here are some things you’ll find among the corpus of code at Hacktoolkit:

  • Bootstrap code for websites and mobile apps
  • Complete working demos and prototypes
  • Implemented design patterns
  • Algorithms and data structures in various languages, from simple to complex
  • Working code that integrates with all of the popular APIs–Android, iOS, Google Play Services, Parse, and more!

Even if you’re not using Hacktoolkit to build your hackathon-winning entry, but just working on a project as a hobby for yourself, Hacktoolkit can help you get started.

Okay, I’m convinced. How do I get started?

  • Clone the repository (git clone and start using it!
  • Fork the repository if you want to contribute.
  • Issue pull requests for new things to incorporate back into the hacktoolkit library. Formatting requirements TBD (provide a and description of what your code does).

I’ll add your name to the contributors list! If you would like to be a maintainer for Hacktoolkit, please contact

The nitty-gritty

In case you’re the type interested in reading the fine print, here are the details.

Rules and Ethics

  • Any code that has been in the repository is fair game for inclusion in hackathon competitions, but you should consult with your particular hackathon event’s judges.
  • Typically, you would add your code to Hacktoolkit as early as possible, and email or post a message to the discussion board for the hackathon event.

See Hackbright Academy’s Code of Conduct for Hacakthons.


Except where otherwise noted, the following license rules apply: